Peter Kallo | Festivals
Creative director and multiawarded photographer based in Budapest His primary interest has always been his own multimedia projects, such as “Balance” or “Alone in the dark”. During the past decades he worked for Phoo Magazine as Editor in chief, Sziget Festivals’ as the art director of the photo crew; for Földgömb Magazin as a photographer, photo editor and photojournalist for Metropol, the leading hungarian daily printed newspaper. His works are published by international magazines and leading online news in Hungary., Peter Kallo, photoblog, photography, budapest based, hungarian, fotóblog, Kálló Péter, fotográfus, fotográfia, portfólió, portfolio, Budapest, Hungary, street photography, stree photo, street fotó, black and white, impressive, Budapest Streetphotography Festival, Festivals, Sziget, art director, Volt, Balaton Sound, Alone in the dark, Offical festival photographer, Rockstar photographers, festival photographer, fesztivál fotózás, hivatalos fesztivál fotós, Best documentary photoblog, Best European Photoblog, travel, National Geographic, Földgömb magazin, Metropol, facebook, Balance, Esernyős ember, Umbrella Man, Daredevil, Stunt, Balance of Budapest, Creative artist, Kreatív, művészet, art,
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